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The fantastic social media presence of Liz Steel

I started getting into Urban Sketching a couple years ago, joining a local group with a close friend of mine. I truly fell in love with it, it was so different from my usual art making which is usually more from my imagination. It uses a different part of your brain somehow...and it's challenging and exciting in a very different sort of way. It's been hard to keep at my goal of sketching every day though, especially when I'm it's exciting to find out about this amazing watercolor urban sketching artist, Liz Steel. It's perfect for those artists out there who are seeking encouragement, lots of tips & tricks, and of course...inspiration.

First of all...her artwork is gorgeous...and she gets paid locally and nationally to give sketch workshops, so I think she probably already has a following because of that. But her social media presence really promotes her beautifully...and is a wonderful mix of giving to her online community, and receiving (by promoting her classes and books).

One important aspect of her online presence is how she's very generous with what she can teach urban sketchers. For example, she has a video that talks about the perfect sketchbook, and how these parameters might change over time or circumstance, and to pay attention to size, paper quality, and even the cover. Believe me, if you're passionate about making art, this kind of video is fascinating. She also makes videos about the best art supplies, etc. And of course videos, photos, and text on drawing tips. She does promote her paid online classes so she doesn't give too much of her technical and artistic knowledge away...however I totally don't blame her for selling these, she deserves it for being a talented and generous artist.

Also crucial: she has a really charming personality, a very friendly presence, like a sweet teacher from year's past. And her pleasant Australian accent helps immensely.

The photos and videos of her sketchbooks are probably my favorite part of her website. It's such a privilege, really, to see an impressive artist show you their sketchbook. This is the moment when you say to yourself: "okay, this is the positive aspect of the internet, truly!"

It's a diverse website, and I have to think she spends alot of time creating all of this, which is impressive in itself.

And beyond the website, her facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus, and blog, are also interesting and fascinating in different ways, and almost all her posts feel up-to-the-minute and exciting.

There's also a very nicely unified style and personality to the brand across all the social media accounts. As an example, her main photo of herself is the same ....and is really charming and natural.

All in all, a fantastic social media presence...I have no idea how she manages to do it all! It would be interesting to find out how much time she spends per week managing all these sites...hmmm....

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