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I work in a variety of mediums (paintings, printmaking, sculpture, mosaics, jewelry), and often travel between creating solely from my imagination vs. drawing from real life. I believe approaching art from different directions keeps my art unique and fresh.


My Art Process 
What begins is the vision, the seed of an idea, that pops into my brain. It then sits there sometimes for months before I do anything. Once I start creating the object starts taking on a life of it’s own.  Then the dialogue begins between the creation and the creator.  I improvise...and when finished I have no idea where this art object comes from, I just know if I don’t produce it, it doesn’t feel right inside.  


My Influences
Traditional African art, PreColumbian ceramics, Impressionism, Surrealism, and Outsider Art, as well as an ever-shifting top five list of famous artists. Add to that stew the impact of the everyday, which can include everything from mathematical conversations, typography, my relationships, the state of the world, and the changing seasons. 


My Goal
Ultimately my art seeks to reflect the relationship between one’s inner and outside worlds, something that you cannot see with the naked eye. How to portray different emotional states?  This is my artistic challenge.

Feel free to peruse samples of my work:


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