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My Midwest Debut!

I will be showing a large collection of my artwork (paintings, prints, and sculptures) at:

Creative Energy Designs 125 S. Dickinson Street

Madison, Wisconsin

Opening night is Friday, October 5, 5-9 pm.

This is part of Gallery Night, an event sponsored by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. So there's alot of art, food, live music, and drinks all over Madison....but especially in the Near East Side where my art will be on display. So if you're in the Madison area, please come! This event is free.

So in the meantime I've been really busy getting ready for this show...making sure all my art is in tip-top shape, deciding what will go into my show, and arranging both the paintings and prints, as well as sculptures....and deciding on prices. It's been alot of work, and a bit of anxiety on my part....I haven't publicly shown my art in about twenty five years, where my art was on display in two different galleries, one in Berkeley, California, and the other in San Francisco. It's like putting your heart and soul out there for others to I'm really excited yet a bit anxious. And so glad to finally get over my mental block about showing my artwork, and so grateful to Carla at Creative Energy Designs for giving me this amazing opportunity.

If you can't come to the opening, my art will be up for 4-6 come see it if you can!

Below are photos of my art lined up for "curating"....I took my sculptures out this weekend for a little sunny jaunt in the backyard, and invited my neighborhood artist friend over to help me figure out the arrangement.

Prints lined up...decisions, decisions.

Sculpture lineup in my backyard

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