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5 Blogs about Creating Art


This is the first blog I looked at, and since I've only seen a few blogs in my life, and they are usually fairly straightforward...text and maybe a photo, I was impressed with the mix of media, such as video, audio, as well as the usual writing. It appears to be a blog created by someone with serious health issues. What I like about it is the variety of media, the books he created, and how it's inspiring to people who may have limited time who still want to create. What I don't like is that his videos and audios kind of ramble on in a boring way. So for someone who doesn't have alot of time on their hands, I don't think it's great, content-wise.


I really loved this blog, and ended up reading many of the posts. I loved the visual style of the pages, and the posts themselves were entertaining and interesting. It also was interesting to see how an artist can make money through their blog....selling online books and courses that they write and develop. It would be hard to say what I don't like about this blog...perhaps seeing more of her work in progress would be interesting.


I thought the actual artwork of this painter was gorgeous, but the blog felt sort of confusing and hard to follow. Perhaps it was meant for people to just click randomly to get around? It was mostly promoting his art I suppose, but it had an incoherent design to it that I wasn't crazy about.


This was an interesting site, and nicely organized. I liked being able to click around her posts via subject matter, or chronologically. It is interesting to see all the different ways these artists promote themselves via books or creating online classes. This is a somewhat picky thing, but the pale-ish pink type was annoyingly light. Another thing that was pretty noticeable is that she hasn't posted since May, which looks a bit like, "yikes, what happened?"


This site lacks a nice, modern design. It's a bit blah visually, but the content is great, and it's well written. I would prefer more punch somehow, and more exciting categories, maybe on the side panel. I pretty much hate the serif typeface, it just makes the site look old-fashioned.

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